Accepted into Camp Hill Plein Air Art Festival, 2012

It was a shot, a long shot; but I thought I'd give a try and enter the plein air competition at Camp Hill, Pa. this year.  My friends have been painting plein air for years and one of them even won last year.  What could it hurt to enter? 

I decided not to tell anyone just in case I was setting myself up for disappointment; but I wasn't disappointed.  I was notified today, I was accepted into this year's competition. 

There is much to learn about Camp Hill scenes, so I imagine my husband and I will be taking a few trips there just to walk around the area looking for places for me to paint. This is a first for me to enter a competition that I am just learning about.  

Painting plein air--being one with nature!  I love painting en plein air and the comraderie that goes along with it.  It's going to be, I get to take a week off from my day job to do it!

Here's the link to check out the days and times for the daytime activities.

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