Week 5 of Watercolor 101

Talented Students of Watercolor 101

Week 5 and one more week to go. What wonderful watercolor artists they are all becoming. Considering none of them had ever tried it before; I am so impressed with their progress. Next week, I was asked to show them how to do faces. This is supposed to be a beginner class; they are so motivated to learn all they can. Here's the group photo from tonight showing some of their individuality in art.   So, until next week students, observe the different lips, noses, eyes, ears, hair, chin and more.  The face is comprised of many small pieces to create the whole thing; the more you [...]

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Photos from January 24, 2012 Watercolor 101 class

After I demonstrated different texture techniques using salt, alcohol, wax resist, dry brush and scumbling and plastic wrap, the class began working on their own individual paintings.  Chosing from a selection of reference photos CALC had, individuals found apples to paint, a lizard, landscapes with sunsets, and another person chose a still life of peaches.  They are all doing really very well and I'm looking forward to next week to seeing them as they progress from one week to the next.        Here's a few pictures from tonight showing the things they completed from last weeks class.  Right to left:  George who is working on clouds, Patricia and butterfly, [...]

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Winter 2012 Watercolor 101 Class at C.A.L.C.

Watercolor 101 Winter 2012

  Left to right:  Taylor Andrews, Sandra Kipp, Patricia Andrews, Jennifer Neslund, George Edwards, Haley Houston. (absent from the photo is Louise Young) Watercolor 101, Winter 2012 Carlisle Arts Learning Center   Learning to paint in monochrome, students painted a church window, rocks, barn and shed with mountain scene and more practice at home.  Plans for next weeks lesson involves creating a color chart and the introduction of the second color to the monochrome painting gaining control of the water and medium.    Please note!  I am still accepting entries for winning the artist trading card for the "Emporer penguin Shouting in the New Year" which you can click that [...]

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